Podiatry Services

Poole Bay Podiatry offers a wide range of specialist Podiatry services

Podiatry Services

“Whatever your sport, age, concern or injury pay us a visit and let Poole Bay Podiatry get you back on your feet”

Nobody likes to have painful or unsightly feet. Here at Poole Bay Podiatry, we care about getting your feet comfortable, pain-free and back to doing the activities that you love, wearing the shoes you like and generally keeping you feeling at your best.

Over many years of practise Martin has come across almost every foot problem and has the skills to treat them. Occasionally, however, we recognise that foot problems can be very complex and patients present with conditions beyond our scope of practice or require specialist intervention. 

Please be reassured that we are not afraid to put your best interests first and can refer you to someone who we think may be able to help with your foot and lower limb problems better than us.