Diabetic Foot Care

On average there are 169 amputations related to diabetic complication in the UK every week (Diabetes UK 2018). That’s 24 amputations a day, 1 every hour. Having your feet checked regularly by a podiatrist can reduce the chances of this ever happening.

I have been treating people with diabetes for at least 30 years. I know when you’re doing the best you can to do look after your feet… and I know the signs and symptoms when things are going wrong….

Your GP practice should offer you a check once a year which is fine, however, if you are high risk, have had a foot ulcer in the past…even a small ulcer which you only became aware of when a health professional told you or if you have reduced circulation in your feet and toes and you are a smoker or you have been a long-term smoker in the past then it would be wise to have a podiatry foot check-up regularly.

I advise a minimum of twice a year.

Diabetes UK website has good advice regarding foot care however in the UK NHS eligibility criteria for podiatry has reduced the numbers of people now receiving routine NHS podiatry care.

It is important that you are aware of your foot risk category.

Your foot risk category, Low, Medium or High is evaluated against a number of tests carried out and the answers you give to a set of questions, like if you are a regular smoker.

Sometimes diabetic foot problems are active. This means you may have foot problems which can become very serious. I will ensure you are referred urgently to the local specialist foot protection team.

Even if your current foot health is good, regular monitoring and advice by an experienced podiatrist can put your mind at rest.

Someone with diabetes is 20 times more likely to experience an amputation than someone without.

Here at Poole Bay Podiatry I regularly carry out routine neurovascular foot checks, whether you’re diabetic or not just to check your foot health is ok.

Oh yeah one last thing if you’re diabetic and you smoke, seek advice about stopping… did I mention smoking?