Video Gait Analysis

Poole Bay Podiatry are clinical experts in the field of Video Gait Analysis and can identify and address movement dysfunction that may be contributing to your pain or injury

We frequently see patients with lower limb injuries causing muscle and joint pain resulting in them being unable to continue activities.  This is a common problem, the underlying cause is often related to the way they walk and run. By looking carefully at their gait, we are able to identify underlying biomechanical issues which result in overuse syndromes; stress damaged joint structures and strained muscles.

Using video gait analysis, we can compare walking or running with and without footwear and observe the effectiveness of an orthotic intervention.

Here at Poole Bay Podiatry, we use Contemplas gait analysis software to record your walking or running action and identify the underlying problems such as limb length discrepancies or muscle weakness. Once we’ve pinpointed the imbalance and made a diagnosis, we can start on your rehabilitation. This could include muscle strengthening exercises or shockwave therapy and prevent these issues from reoccurring in the future by providing you with a  prescription foot orthoses and ongoing gait retraining programmes.

If you want to run faster, increase your training performance, move more efficiently and reduce your chance of injury, then join high-performance professional athletes by getting your walking and running analysed.

This has been the secret weapon for many athletes to get them running faster for longer without injury and pain – and now it can be yours too!