Antibiotic Therapy

Unfortunately, sometimes it is easy for common foot problems like ingrown toenails or blisters to become infected if patients have not sought early podiatry treatment or advice.

At Poole Bay Podiatry we are fully qualified to supply antibiotic medicine where it is suitable for our patients for minor foot infections during times when it might be difficult for them to see their GP.

If you think you might have a foot infection early appropriate intervention is often the best advice. Please contact us if you suspect you might have a bacterial foot infection

Signs of foot infection

Pain and swelling that occur without an injury along with redness, red streaking, tenderness, and heat. You might feel shivery and have an elevated temperature or fever. There may be pus oozing from a wound or visible under the skin. Infections can occur without a known injury to the affected area.

Pain, swelling, redness, and warmth that develop suddenly in a big toe joint may be caused by gout but it is always good advice to seek professional advice.