Insoles and Orthoses

Our custom orthotic solutions cater for a wide range of everyday shoes and sports specific footwear ensuring that you experience perfect fit along with optimal therapeutic benefit

At Poole Bay Podiatry we offer two options: Fully Customised Orthoses and Preformed Semi Customisable Orthoses.

Preformed Orthoses

We keep a huge range of preformed off the shelf orthoses in stock covering various sizes, material densities, full length and half length. All our orthoses vary to accommodate average foot arch height and the stock we maintain covers approximately 80% of our patient’s requirements.

Customised Orthoses

Foot function and structures vary immensely and occasionally will require orthoses to function in a particular way which can only be attained using fully customised functional orthoses. Your feet will be either scan using a 3D digital scanner or cast using plaster of Paris. The 3D image or cast is then sent to the laboratory along with instructions on how we want the orthoses made.