LCN Nail Reconstruction

Here at Poole Bay Podiatry, we take pride in offering not just treatments which keep your feet in good health but looking good too.

We all know that our feet have to endure a great deal of stress. More people are becoming aware of the fact that only regular care can guarantee healthy and beautiful feet.

Modern lifestyles and the pressures of working and living often prevent us from looking after ourselves as we should and sometimes our feet get forgotten.

Nail plate damage can occur for a number of reasons; trauma, fungal disease or dystrophic nail growth after nail surgery. If you have a holiday on the horizon you might want your nails looking at their best.

At Poole Bay Podiatry we use the LCN nail reconstruction technique to make your damaged nails as natural looking as possible.

The nail plate is prepared by reducing the thickness and removing as much visible fungal nail as is possible.
Then a powerful antifungal agent is applied to the nail surface. Next, a UV sensitive gel is applied to the nail plate carefully recreating an artificial nail surface. UV light is then applied to the nail “curing” the gel into a protective new nail plate. The new nail surface can be lacquered like normal nails.

Go on spoil your feet today! Please call us for more information.